HAMN – The museum where you experience history on site!

Seven years of archaeological excavations on the battlefield around Baggensstäket in Nacka has resulted in Sweden’s first battlefield museum. It consists of nearly a thousand square meters of captivating history told with unique objects, images, documents, audio and film.

Location: Brantvägen 3, Saltsjöbaden, Nacka. Map here!

Prices: Adults 80 SEK, seniors 50 SEK. Free entrance for kids up 12 years.

Opening hours: Sunday – Saturday 11 AM – 5 PM

You can pre-book guided tours everyday, all year round. The fee for a guided tour on weekdays before 6 PM is 600 SEK, past 6 PM and on weekends 1200 SEK.

Contact information:

Phone: (+46)8 570 31 110

E-mail: info@hamnmuseum.se


The narrow and shallow waterway has a fascinating ancient history

This has been one of the routes between the Baltic Sea and Stockholm, and on August 13, 1719, a fleet of Russian galleys was sighted outside of Skogsö. For some time the Russians had been ravaging the archipelago and the galleys of Tsar Peter I were now threatening Stockholm. Their disembarkation at Skogsö led to the Battle of Stäket.


Two hundred and fifty years later the new suburb of Fisksätra was built in Nacka. This became Sweden’s most densely populated area with people from a great number of different nations.

HAMN tells this story, beginning in the 4th century, displaying finds from the Viking era and the 18th century, and also from recent times with the stories of today’s multicultural settlement.


The excavations of the battlefield have provided new knowledge about our history.

A number of people have helped us interpret the history of the area through the finds; marine and battlefield archaeologists, numismatists, osteologists, archivists, historians, curators and other experts. At the museum you will see their results together with the finds.


HAMN is located 150 meters from the local bus stop and the Saltsjöbanan railway station or by way of a 30-minute boat ride from the Stockholm city center.

The museum has a shop with locally produced craft items from Nacka and Värmdö, and a conference center for up to 40 people.